Danie Ives: Adjusted Balance, Inc.

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Name: Danie Ives

Company: Adjusted Balance, Inc.

Contact: 702.515.7420


Website: adjustedbalance.com

Who I am: I am obsessively a business owner who takes care of our clients day to day accounting operations and advocates for their profitability and success. I'm also "Mum" to two adorable fur babies and spend my free time protecting dogs at risk for euthanization. I'm originally from Ballina, Australia, best known for it's beaches shown in the 60s movie The Endless Summer and have been making Las Vegas home since 2011.

What I do: We provide cash flow, bookkeeping, controller, CFO and financial compliance services to small businesses. If it has numbers and you need help with it I'm your girl! We also connect business owners with the other financial resources they need - need HR help, payroll, a loan? I don't do that but I know a fantastic woman that does and I might even know how to get you a better price.

Why I do it: It took me a long time to realize the importance of COMMUNITY. I've noticed that empowered women tend to not only rise themselves, but they lift up their families, friends, neighborhoods, peers, and even strangers with them! This is why I also love to facilitate team-building workshops, especially for nonprofits -- so you can better focus on your CAUSE and strengthen your COMMUNITY.