Monica Y. Beasley: The Signature Suite

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Name: Monica Y. Beasley

Company: The Signature Suite




Who I am: I am a Christian, Daughter, Wife of 21 years, Mother of boy/girl twins. Business owner for over 20 years, lover of coffee, wine, Italian Food, Breakfast, House , Jazz and Gospel Music. Las Vegas became our home 20 years ago, when I/we moved to LV to open the Paris Hotel as a Meeting Planner ...although Chicago will ALWAYS be home...because "It's My Kind of Town" (any Frank fans?)

What I do: I like to say "I'm in the Business of Thank You" by offering Promotional Products, Gift Baskets and Event management. By this i mean: "Thank you for stopping by my booth" (Promotional Product), Thank you for being an excellent client, potential client, friend/friend" (Gift Basket), "Thank you for attending our fundraiser/retreat/social event" (Event Management)

Why I do it: The 1st honest answer is that both my husband and I were raised by single mothers (after divorcing our fathers), way before we had kids, we decided that one of us would be able to volunteer inside the classroom, attend school activities/performances during the day etc... I am a creative by birth...I 'see' things that work together. I LOVE what I do...finding solutions in a "Signature" way for all 3 of our divisions. I prefer to build relationships, otherwise you can go online and order the 'stuff'. I love that all three of my divisions 'fit together" like a nice gift. My Mottos are "Life is a gift...untie the ribbons" and "God never gives you anything you can't handle".